Monday, May 26, 2008

Sorry Anthony, I can't figure out how to add titles to each post; it's strange the title box isn't there by default.

However, I am happy to post a recent notice about new Environmental Guidelines and some 'greening' initiatives the Association of Canadian Archivists (ACA) has begun for their upcoming conference in Fredericton, New Brunswick:

Association of Canadian Archivists Environmental Initiatives

The Association of Canadian Archivists is pleased to announce the adoption of Environmental Guidelines for the Association. The guidelines are available at on the ACA website at: . In recognition that the ACA's activities impact the environment, we are working on reducing these effects where possible.

This year, the ACA is focused on "greening" the conference. Here are a few of the initiatives that we have implemented for the upcoming conference:
- selecting a conference site and hotel that is certified by the eco-labelling program TheGreenKey
- offering electronic registration
- providing access to the conference program and all conference information on the ACA website
- reducing packaging and waste by eliminating the production and distribution of a conference bag
- reusing name tags and lanyards
- reusing signage, where appropriate
- limiting distribution of brochures and handouts
- requesting that the hotel use reusable dishes, cutlery and linens where appropriate
- requesting that the hotel provide beverages in bulk (rather than in individual disposable containers), whenever feasible
- distributing the conference proceedings on the ACA website

What can delegates do?
- print and pack the conference information that you will need from the ACA website i.e. the conference program
- bring a reusable beverage bottle or coffee mug
- bring pens and paper
- turn off any lights, tv, air conditioner or heater when you leave your accommodation for the day
- recycle your waste, where feasible
- participate in any energy-saving options offered by your accommodation, such as reusing sheets and towels, if possible

I don't know a whole lot about TheGreenKey (, but their criteria for inclusion looks pretty solid. I like the idea of selecting a conference site that has been evaluated for its environmental responsibility. And with first-hand experience, I can say the online registration and conference schedule has been excellent, and wonderfully easy.

More on this shortly...

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