Thursday, July 19, 2007

Re-imagining the academic conference

You might like to take a look at Bob Stein's short statement about these sorts of things on the Institute for the Future of the Book blog:

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Andy Polaine said...

I just wrote a comment to Bob Stein's post on if:book, so I won't repeat all the same thoughts here. But the gist of it is that whilst I wholeheartedly support the need to completely overhaul academic conferences (and journals), the need to overhaul them comes not from the structure of conferences themselves, but academia and its associated institutions.

Re-thinking conferences only really tackles a symptom, not the cause. It's a symptom that needs tackling and might help change things further up the chain, but it's academia that needs re-imagining for most of the same reasons. My suggestion would be a re-thought conference on that topic...